Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rebates offered from City/County of Denver and Xcel Energy

Do you need to replace your home’s furnace or AC unit? Get a 15% discount on high-efficiency models through November 1st! 

Denver Environmental Health and the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition launched a limited-time offer to make it easier and more affordable for Denver residents to upgrade to energy efficient furnaces and/or AC units.  Take advantage of this offer to save money on equipment now and on energy bills for years to come! All pricing includes standard installation.

·         95% Efficient Furnace: Rheem Classic Series Multi Position Gas Furnace for $3,750

o   $662 has been discounted. Eligible for an additional $300 Xcel Energy rebate.

·         14.5 SEER AC: Rheem Classic Series Air Conditioner for $4,726

o   $834 has been discounted. Eligible for additional $500 Xcel Energy rebate.

·         Furnace and AC Units can be purchased together for $7,630

o   $1,347 has been discounted and save another $846 when you purchase both. Eligible for an additional $800 Xcel Energy rebate

For more information and to participate, visit or call the Rheem Pro Partners directly at 720-204-3403.
Susan Renaud | Community Engagement Administrator
Environmental Health | City and County of Denver
720.865.5539 Phone | 720.865.5534 Fax