Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Engineer Report on Ground Water intrusion/grading

Please follow the link below to review the Engineer Report on Ground Water Intrusion from Patio Areas
Engineer Report - Ground Water Entry

Grade level of dirt and patio (concrete) structure is too high allowing water to access the lower basements just past the lower foundation wall.

Fixes: Concrete Patio and in some cases sidewalks would have to be removed to allow for extra dirt to be removed allowing for a water barrier to be installed on the lower foundation.

Dirt would then be compacted and Concrete Patios would be re-poured at a proper grade away from the units to limit water entry.

Responsibility: The Concrete Patios and Sidewalks are maintained by the HOA.  The Foundation and dirt Grading are maintained by the individual homeowner.

The HOA will seek pricing structures to understand costs of work to satisfy the engineering report to come up with a plan to assist Owners in the removal of concrete to allow for water protection and proper grading to be performed by the homeowner, and then come back to have new concrete laid after grading has been completed.