Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Engineer Report on Roofs and Ice Damming

Please review the below link on Roofs & Ice Damming

Roof Report


- HOA needs to add additional Gables vents to make the ambient temperature similar to that of outside.

- HOA needs to add additional water barrier over the valleys to prevent water seeping into the Brick fire Walls that separate the units.

- HOA needs to replace/lower the collection boxes that are currently incorrectly mounted above the drainage grade.

- HOA needs to replace current gutters/downspouts with wider ones to allow for proper drainage as water falls off the 12x12 pitch roofs.  Preferably with open face downspouts to have easy maintenance for cleaning of leaf debris.

- Owners need to add insulation to their attics to limit the amount of heat loss that causes melting from above.