Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Release of 2017 Annual DPD & DSD Report

Independent Monitor, Nicholas E. Mitchell

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March 14, 2018
Office of the Independent Monitor
Releases 2017 Annual Report

Denver, Colorado – (March 14, 2018) Today, the Office of the Independent Monitor (“OIM”) released its 2017 Annual Report to the public.  The OIM is charged with monitoring the disciplinary systems in the Denver Police and Denver Sheriff Departments (“DPD” and “DSD,” respectively), making policy recommendations to those departments, and conducting outreach to communities throughout Denver.  By ordinance, the OIM is to report to the public by March 15th of every year on the work of the OIM, as well as information about complaints, investigations, and discipline of sworn police and sheriff personnel.  The OIM is led by Independent Monitor Nicholas E. Mitchell, and advised by a seven-member Citizen Oversight Board.

The 2017 Annual Report includes information related to the complaints received, closed, and monitored by the OIM in 2017.  The report also includes information about internal affairs investigations, disciplinary findings, and critical incidents in both departments.  Finally, it provides an update on other work of the OIM, including the OIM’s participation in the DPD Use of Force Policy Advisory Committee and a DSD workgroup exploring options for reinstating contacts visits in DSD jails.

The full report can be found at