Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Protecting your Propoerty

Tips on protecting your Property!
  • Lock all doors, windows, and garage so criminals don’t have easy access into your residence.
  • Keep a list of serial numbers of electronics, along with photos of all valuables so you can identify belongings if stolen or to help with insurance claims.
  • Leave lights and radios on when not at home so that burglars think someone is home.
  • Secure windows and sliding doors with wooden dowel rods, which prevent them from being opened, and consider an alarm system.
  • While on vacation, alert your local police district (non emergency) so that they are aware that no one should be at your residence and postpone mail/newspaper delivery.
  • Don’t post trips on social media -- it alerts the bad guys that the home is vacant.
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch and ALWAYS report suspicious activity to the police.