Friday, September 8, 2017

1035 Courtyard Renovation

Hello Jasmine Place  Community!

Just a friendly reminder that the courtyard renovation to 1035 will begin on Monday September the 11th.  Notices were placed two weeks ago at Mailboxes and within the courtyard... plus the fact that we've been speaking about it for the past couple of years.

Again, the main purpose is to bring down the soil grading below the brick veneer to allow for proper water flow through the brick to the outside of the foundation and not allowing capillary water access to the inside.

Items to be completed:
 - Adding additional French drains tied into the down spouts to help continue mitigation of water away from the foundations.

 - Altering some patios where we know water intrusion can take place and re-engineering the layout.

 - Complete plant and irrigation replacement with new plant life that consist of Lavender, Box Elders, Karl Forrester Grasses, and Wyoming Rose River Rock (as Voted by Community Residents).

 - Replacing of old wood walls that have deteriorated with new pre-water treated posts and rails.  Posts will be in concrete caissons and the aluminum siding will be added to protect wood further from weathering and consistent to the current Community material and color theme.

 - Some Units will have concrete patios/walls added or patios adjusted that still comply with Building Envelope requirements, and these Unit Owners are covering such alterations on their own dime, similar as Owners did in 1025 courtyard.

As a reminder, please remove all personal items form the courtyard (i.e. AC units, Satellite dishes, BBQ Grills, Plants/Pots, etc.) by Monday Morning.  Any remaining items can be tossed and thrown away or stored on the individual owners dime.  Any cause of delays for work can also be billed back to the unit owner.

There will be no access to your front door during this time, please refrain from accessing the courtyard until after all demo and concrete pours & curing have taken place.

Finally, please do not park your personal vehicles in front of the 1035 Building on Jasmine Street.  We will be removing almost 2 diesel truck trailers of dirt and using a concrete pump to bring concrete into the area among .  We have obtained a parking permit from the City of Denver and can remove any vehicle via a tow (on the Owners Expense) for those that limit equipment and contractor access.

Again, we look forward to viewing a renovated courtyard that is not only aesthetically appeasing, but removing foundation water entry concerns in the process.  We plan on reviewing courtyard 1045 next year.

Thank you,