Friday, October 9, 2015

Large Item Pick-up (LIP) for Jasmine Place is Week of November 9th by 7am.

Denver residents that have trash service provided by the City & County of Denver/Solid Waste Management may have large items (such as furniture and mattresses) picked up on a six-week rotation schedule.  This is referred to as Large Item Pickup (LIP) collection service.  LIP collection service is based on the type of trash collection provided by Solid Waste Management.  These items are typically considered to be furniture or large boxes.
Large items will be picked up sometime during the week of November 9th, and items need to be left in the street where recycle bins are placed (not on the sidewalk).  We will spray pay a mark on the street near both the 1030 and 1035 buildings.  The pick up can be as early as 7am on the 9th.  The actual pick up time will very based upon amount to be picked up on previous stops.
Do not place these items in your trash or set out for Large Item Pickup:
  • Construction and building materials
  • Wood boards or drywall sheets
  • Automotive fluids, parts or materials
  • Car tires or batteries
  • Electronics (televisions, computers)
  • Commercial, industrial or medical waste
  • Hazardous waste or chemicals
4 feet away - LIP items should be placed 4 feet away from the trash cans, dumpsters or other obstructions (recycling carts, cars, poles, mailboxes, etc).

5 items - A maximum of five large items (furniture, etc.) will be collected per LIP cycle (every nine weeks) per household. 
If you would prefer to see your large items reused or recycled, visit the Recycling Directory for drop site locations for things like mattresses, furniture and yard debris.

Thank you,

Jasmine Place Townhomes Association